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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mistakes To Avoid On Ur Blog

Business blog Giving results?

Is it getting harder for you to spend time on your blog because you’re just not seeing how it is going to pay off?If so, you’re not alone.

Hundreds of blogs are started each day and many of them are abandoned after several months because it takes time and energy to keep a good business blog going.

Make no mistake, blog are a great tool for building community, interacting with potential clients, and marketing your services.

And, it’s not enough to set one up and post occasionally.You have to use it effectively to drive traffic and gain readership.We’ve discovered several common mistakes professionals make with their blogs.

Mostly, they aren’t using some the features available to them with their blogging software, because it hasn’t been sufficiently explained.

Eyes glaze over with the mention of RSS, pinging, trackbacks and permalinks.Professionals may be ignoring these things, hoping they don’t really need to know. But they do if they want results from their business blog fun .

Here’s a list of what we found on a recent trip around the professional business blogosphere:Content:

Not posting frequently enough. (Recommended: 2-3 times a week.)

Content is not focused, and the target audience is not clearly defined.Posting articles that are too long, instead of using extended post features.

Not linking profusely (because the professional isn’t researching their field on the internet).

Poor spelling, bad grammar and typos.DesignNo name of author in tag line or on side bar.No author photo.

No subscription form; no way to get blog updates through RSS or email.No way for readers to leave comments and use trackbacks.

Too many categories or none at all.

No information about their business services and products.Calendars for no reason at all (what is the point of those calendars anyway?).

MarketingBlog isn’t submitted toblog directories.

Not pinging each time a new post is published.Not using trackbacks referring or linking to other blogs.

No blogroll or list of favorite blogs or websites.

If you’re considering using a blog to build your business, optimize it by taking time to learn the features and steps that will ensure success.

A blog is like any other marketing tool – you've got to use it correctly to get positive results.Here are a couple of suggestions:

The following 2 programs a re a must have in your library.

I know i have them.If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK (just click Blogging to the bank or on the banner above and your ready.)

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog easy.

I have personally used both of them and have enjoyed continued success Creating a blog.

Again they are the ones that have given me success you are free to also try them or you can do some more research and find others.

until next time keep it here for future powerful blog postings.


Monday, August 27, 2007

"Ping" Equals Money

The “Ping” is a resourceful tool that many bloggers forget to use. To blog easy

Pinging” your blog will take no more than 3 minutes and it can greatly help in terms of traffic and search engine ranking.

With the rise of blogs over the past few years, Blog Search Engines and directories have become very popular.

(Technorati is one of the most famous and commonly used blog search engines and directories.)

It allows users to search the blogosphere for new posts regarding certain topics.

But how do these search engines organize the millions of blog posts being made every minute? They use pinging technology that updates them when a new post has been made.

They can then categorize the post into their search results.

Hence, by pinging your blog, your post and a link to your web site will appear in the results of major blog search engines and could lead to increased traffic. Utilizing Pings is also very easy and with one click of the mouse, you can instantly update all of the major blog search engines.

Now, if you have a weblog at a subdomain, your blog posts will be instantly pinged, however, if you do not, there is no point in going to each of the individual blog search engines, creating an account, and then sending a ping.

Instead, you can utilize web sites such as Autopingerch will instantly ping all of the major blog search engines. All you have to so is enter your URL, and some information about your web site.
Pinging is a great tool that can greatly aid you in exploding the rate of growth and the traffic to your blog. It only takes a minute with services such as Ping Goat an Should definitely be utilized.
Keep blogging


Saturday, August 25, 2007

In a Day Earn Money Blogging

So you want to make money quickly blogging eh!

You could actually start earning from the web with zero capital, zero obligations and zero risks! All these can be accomplished within 24 hours! Read on and I'll show you how.

1)Try to find a profitable niche. Niches are highly specialized segments of a market where the demand is high and the supplies are low.

There are few competitions in a niche, allowing you more opportunity to establish your online presence.Think of a market that you could cater to. Then narrow it down by enumerating its subcategories.

The more you are able to reduce the subject, the higher the profitability will be.

For example, the general market you thought of is about dogs.

A subcategory of this would be about Chihuahuas. A further subcategory would be about Chihuahua grooming.

2)Once you have found your niche, run a search at or .

The results would show how many searches were made for that subject.

The more searches there are, the higher the demand is for that topic.Run a similar search of the same subject in any of the search engines on the net.

The results would reveal your competition. Naturally, you would want a subject that has less competition.

This would mean that you're looking for one that would produce few results in your searches.

3)Once you've found a lucrative niche, it's time to look for its relevant keywords. Run a search of the topic at to get a list of related keywords and keyphrases.

Keep a copy of this list.

4) Open an account with a free blogging site. Or, if you already have your own website, download the Wordpress software at .

It's free. And Wordpress can be easily integrated with any website.Set up your account. Fiddle with the controls.

You'll discover that using a blog is as easy as writing down your thoughts and clicking on a button to publish them for all the online world to see.

Hour 5Enroll in any affiliate program of your choice. You could choose more than one, of course.

Just make sure that such program is offering some products that cater to the niche you have chosen.

Try to find a program that offers highly sellable products and generous commissions. Don't settle for a commission rate of less than 20%. Look for something that would give you at least 40% for every successful sale you would be able to refer.

A good place to start is , but eventually you would want to "graduate" to something grander. But for your initial foray, ClickBank would suffice.After enrollment, you would be able to immediately choose the products you want to pre-sell.

Get the affiliate links for them. Do not lose these affiliate links.Hour 6It's time to put that blog to good use! The premise heart of this budget-friendly strategy is your blog. Blogs are excellent and cost-effective alternatives to websites.

Search engines love them, and they have their own linking network as well. Also, they are easily updatable, and search engine spiders love consistently updated content.Write an interesting piece about the niche you have chosen.

It may be a personal review of one of your affiliate products, or your views on the niche in general.The trick here lies in being able to strategically insert your affiliate links in your blog entries. It must be subtle. You won't want your blog to look like a blatant sales page.

Your entries should be highly informative, first and foremost. Content is still king, and it is what will drive visitors to your site.Hour 7Go to .

Ping the blog directories and the search engines that can be found there. This would inform their spiders that your content has been updated, and they will check it out come the next relevant query. What does this mean? Fast indexing for your blog site!So there you go.

A zero dollar, seven hour marketing plan that would rake in some earnings.

It doesn't stop there, however. Try to post a new entry everyday, and ping the search engines afterwards. Soon enough, you'll have a high traffic blog site where you could expose your affiliate links to a whole lot of people!Good luck


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Make Money With Your Own Blog

Make Money While U Blog

Let me tell a little of how money is being amde thru Blogs

blogs have become the SEO tool of choice by many webmasters.

It is Because of their content. Search engines love content.

The more content your blog can provide on a steady basis, the better your ability to increase traffic.Blogs are easy to start and anyone can for more effective SEO management.

What content do you place in your blog?You can place any useful information or articles about your product or service.

If, for example, you are a wedding planner, you should write about tips future brides may not be aware of in relation to planning their wedding.

You might talk about wedding scams, catering faux pas, honeymoon hotspots etc...Let the readers know you have something more to offer then just a simple service.People who feel comfortable about a person or organization are far more likely to buy from them.

Let your readers know who you are and what you are capable of doing for them.

Now that you have your content, you need to get it into the reader’s hands.

The advantage of using a blog is that you can syndicate your content.Rich Site Summary or RSS is a format used to syndicate your content instantly.In other words, people can have your content posted on their web site or sent to their email.

Most blognews sites will give you your own special URL to submit to sites that syndicate content.These sites will then contact your URL for the content.

The more you update your site the more your site will be indexed or PINGED by RSS feeds.To help ensure your RSS feed is being indexed, enter the RSS tag into the of your site. Just enter your site title and the URL with your special URL for RSS.

This and other tags can be used in most blog .Take advantage of them.Creating a blog will allow your content to be syndicated which in turn will increase traffic to your web site as well as build your link popularity through RSS and blog directories.

This will give you and your products or services recognition.The knowledge and personal insights that you share will help build your business and your customer relations.The RSS feeds and blog directories will also help build your page rank on search engines.

Blogs have all the ingredients to be one of the best free advertising tools the Internet has to offer.

I hope you start Blogging for money soon


Friday, August 17, 2007

Money Blogging Tips

Money BLoggimg Tips

1. You want to aquire software and programs to help you facilitate and expediate the process.

The following 2 programs are a must have in your library.

I know i have them.

If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK (just click Blogging to the bank or on the banner above and your ready.)

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog easy.

Now with all that done. there are some steps that you can also take to help your blog get up and running

For fast inclusion into yahoo, get yourself a "my yahoo" page - and place your rss feed on that page.

2. Have a link which allows other people to put your rss feed on their own "my yahoo" page. See "my yahoo" for details.

3. For fast inclusion to msn, also open a "my msn" account and add your rss feed to that page.

4. Join this site and add your blog (free) -

5. Ping your blog after every post at -

6. Place a "blogroll" on your blog using -

7. Make a blog post at least every day or less.

8. Place a link and description to your blog on all your websites, out going emails and any autoresponder courses you have set up.

9. Announce yourblog news at forums you currently use/participate in.

Well there you have just a few simple, but effective tips . Keep on blogging


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is there Money in Blogging

Is there Money In A blog

This is just a small glimpse into informative matter over blog and blogging related material.

Did U ever think a blog could make money for you?

We would look here in this article, ways and means, to make money blogging.

Blog needs to be dedicated to a niche market.

Updated regularly.

Enough back links (Don't worry for it. Directory submission would be enough to begin with)

Good blog host or application (Blogger,soulcast)

High quality articles or news items supported with images.Get the above criteria in place and Hurrah... You are ready to Make Money blogging.

If you really serious you should get a copy oF BLOGGING TO THE BANK

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog

1. Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense delivers text and image ads to the authorized websites/blogs depending on the content of the website.

Small code is required to be pasted at proper locations on a webpage and Google automatically recognizes the page. Google shares the revenue it gets from the advertisers whenever a visitor clicks on these ads. Google bills advertisers on price per click basis (PPC).

Advertisers are required to pay only when any visitor clicks on their ads. They bid against each other for the keywords in order to receive better placement and thus prices for each keyword differ from one another.

It is better to choose keywords for your blog which pays high $ per click.

2. AmazonAmazon Associate program is another important way to make money blogging.

The Amazon Associate program gives opportunity to website/blog publishers to promote any product from its inventory by adding a predefined code to their website/blog, which, when clicked by a visitor, takes them to the relevant product page.

Once the visitor buys the product, the blog owner will be compensated with a commission.

3. Blog adsYou can use Blog ads as an effective tool to have a better control over the advertisers in your blogs.

You can analyze and compare your profits with any one of your online agencies. Blogads can be simply specified as an advertising service used for the web logs or blogs. From the total money generated by Blogads, it retains 20% of it and the remaining money is paid to you through PayPal or checks.

• Tagword – It is similar to blog ads. It makes you select the ads and their price.Users can place their text-based ads in the site within minutes and the ads will be displayed instantly on the website.

4. Affiliate Programs like Amazon, Click Bank, Commission Junction can help you earn a lot of money for selected products and services.

Lot of websites offers you to become affiliate members. These affiliate programs can provide a better reach and an in-depth exposure to the products.

The commissions for the sales differ according to the quality of the product, sales and marketing strategy involved. You can gather information related to the commissions by looking into the catalogues of Link Share and Commission junctions.

5. Text Links Text links has emerged out to be the best form of moneymaking source that you can use instead of cluttering or crowding the page with ads.

You don’t have to make these text links prominent within your website. This link can act as an extra value to your site and will also help to promote the rankings of other sites.

In most of the cases you will find these text links placed in the bottom of the web pages. The best part of this strategy is that the publishers send and accept links as the market continues to grow.

I hope you learned enough to want to earn money while you blog. Til next time